FYI, this page is really old! I don't really do drawings anymore. Look at these as a historic artifact!
If you want to get a portrait of your pet done, my friend Ketch is your boy! He's way better and faster than me!

Bella Drawing

Pug Art Flier

Daisy Flier

Niko Flier

Neko Flier

This illustration is based on my friend Penelope's cat, Niko, whom I used to live with. He's quite charming.

Neko Flier Color

My Flier

My Flier

I did this drawing and started using it on my fliers sometime in 2005. I don't know the dog, I drew it from a photo in a book.

Color Flier

Color Flier

This was the "Springtime" version...

Maxx Hearts Me


I'm thinking of making this into a t-shirt...